About Reviscon

Reviscon in the Joint Cavity

  • Masks the pain receptors by HA layer it forms.
  • Helps the stimulation of new HA synthesis by the stimulation of synoviocytes and chondrocytes.
  • Because of its filter function; while it is allowing the passage of cells that is needed by cartilage, synovium and synovial fluid; it prevents the infiltration of inflammatory cells.
  • By its shock-absorbing effect, it smooths the force of sudden movement and preserves the joint
  • Because of its barrier function, it prevents the destructive molecules such as proteases, pro-inflammatory cytokines and free oxygen radicals to reach cartilage and synovium
  • Contributes the preservation and construction of joint cartilage and synovial membrane.

High Molecular Weight NaHA Line

Reviscon, Reviscon Plus and Reviscon Mono

  • Reviscon, Reviscon Plus, and Reviscon Mono are intra-articular injections that contains hyaluronic acid solution.
  • They are prefilled syringes for single use for intra-articular injection.
  • Reviscon contains 1% hyaluronic acid (20 mg/2 ml).
  • Reviscon Plus contains 1.6% hyaluronic acid (32 mg/2 ml).
  • Reviscon Mono contains 2.0% hyaluronic acid (48 mg/2.4 ml).

Indication of Reviscon

It is used in the treatment of pain and loss of flexibility as a result of degenerative and traumatic changes in any synovial joint (flexible joints; such as knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, finger and toes).

It is indicated in the cases that had inadequate response to non-pharmacological conservative therapy and simple analgesics.Treatment can be applied to more than one joint at the same time. Therapy course may be repeated when needed.